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5 Signs You Need Gutter Replacement

Underside of Damaged Gutters

Is it time to replace your current gutter system? The New Year reminds us that it’s time to revamp and refresh our lives, and a new gutter system may be just what your home needs. Many people make New Year’s resolutions to get in shape or to organize their space, but they often overlook their home’s exterior and its declining condition. If your gutters look old or sag more than usual, it’s time to consider new LeafGuard gutter systems in Denver, Colorado.

5 Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Replace Your Gutters

Whether it’s gaps in the seams or sporadic cracking, you can prevent future water damage and enhance your home’s curb appeal with a new gutter system.

1. The gutters look uneven.

Sagging or uneven gutters affect how the water runs to the downspouts. With LeafGuard seamless rain gutters in Denver, Colorado, you don’t have to worry about individual pieces sagging or breaking away from the entire system.

2. The gutters have rust and cracks.

Old gutters often have rust spots and cracks due to years of withstanding the elements. Rust spots can lead to holes that let water escape from the gutters. This water can run down the wood fascia and cause damage over time.

3. You notice pooling water around the foundation.

Clogged and failing gutters prevent water from flowing properly, which leads to overflows and water collecting around the foundation. LeafGuard seamless rain gutters in Denver, Colorado can help prevent clogs and cracks that lead to pooling water.

4. Exterior walls have rot or peeling paint.

It’s time to replace your gutter systems in Denver, Colorado if you see peeled paint or rot on the exterior walls. Without proper maintenance, the rot could lead to interior mold growth and water damage.

5. Water has seeped into the basement.

As water overflows from malfunctioning gutters, it can often seep into the basement and damage the interior. Replacing your old gutter system can prevent overflowing water and damage due to debris buildup and gaps in the seams.

LeafGuard by Beldon has locations nationwide! Locate a LeafGuard office near you today to get replacement gutters for the New Year.

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