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Clogged Gutters: How They Damage Your Home

Clogged gutters

Clogged gutters can be quite damaging to your home. They can cause build up in rainwater and apply pressure on your gutter system. Pressure on a gutter system can lead to leaks or even worse, gutter replacement. If you haven’t peaked inside of your gutters in a while, you might be causing damage. See the 5 symptoms of clogged gutters.

Home Damage – Clogged gutters can weigh down on the house and potentially rip or damage the roofing.

Leaky gutters – when gutters leak, water can drip down through cracks in your foundation. If water drips down into the foundation it can cause wet basements and mold that can reduce the value of your home or causes thousands in water damage.

Insect Attraction – clogged gutters help contain moisture which attract insects and other bugs.

Pooling water – pooling water is a common symptom of clogged gutters. Pooling water can damage sidewalks and driveways by breaking down the concrete from above. This can lead to sagging or bowed driveways.

Landscape issues – a working gutter system usually sits over your beautiful flowerbed. Clogged gutters usually pour over your beautiful flowerbed. Flowers can be overwatered and dips in the topography can occur.

If your gutter system has been damaged as a result of clogged gutters, contact a Leafguard professional today about gutter replacement.

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