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Different Gutter Types

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They come in different shapes and materials, but all gutter systems are designed to protect your home’s exterior and foundation by preventing rain water from collecting near the home. Choosing a gutter for your home can be a tough task, as there are many options out there. From standard configurations to the best LeafGuard gutters available, consider the pros and cons of different installations before you choose a new system.

1. Standard Residential Gutters – They aren’t high-tech, but they get the job done. Standard home gutters are aluminum or vinyl troughs attached just below the roofline. Manufactured with either U-style or K-style profiles, gutter channels range from 4 to 6 inches in diameter. Their segmented installation makes it easier to replace a single section, but they aren’t clog free gutters so are prone to buckling and leaking.

2. DIY Vinyl Installations – If you’re a dedicated DIY enthusiast ready to tackle gutter installation, try the vinyl approach. The systems plug together with silicone gaskets that form compression seals, and you can buy complete kits at most home improvement centers. You’ll save installation costs, but factor in the value of the time it takes to do the job yourself. While vinyl doesn’t rust, it does become brittle over time and eventually cracks.

3. Seamless Gutter Systems – Also known as continuous gutters, these systems are formed into lengths that span a roofline from corner to corner without seams. Their custom construction stands up to heavy rains better than traditional gutters, and while they don’t buckle or leak with age, joints and downspouts require sealing. Keep in mind that it takes several people to handle the bulky lengths, and the materials are expensive.

4. LeafGuard Gutter Installations – Regardless of design, all gutters develop clogs that cause spills, buckles and exterior damage. The best leaf guard gutters eliminate this problem with built-in hoods that keep debris out of the channel. Patented LeafGuard installations combine durable seamless construction with clog protection into an efficient one-piece system. LeafGuard gutters don’t leak, never need cleaning and protect your home for years. Plus, you don’t have to do any of the installation.

Inexpensive systems seem easier on the budget, but compare those savings to the luxury of seamless, clog free gutters. Before you climb the ladder, contact a LeafGuard professional for more information. With multiple locations and custom options, they can help you choose the best gutters for your home.

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