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Drought Gutter Issues


As the drought in central Texas enters its fourth year, property owners can expect to have to tighten their belts even further in the months ahead. In many towns, residents have been instructed to avoid using potable water for swimming pools, fountains and golf courses. Hundreds of thousands of acres sit completely parched, and many moderately sized lakes have been reduced to cracked mud. While this lack of rain might seem like a nice break for your gutters, drought conditions can actually be quite hard on your drains and downspouts.

How a Drought Affects Gutters
Droughts can adversely affect gutters in a number of ways. During periods of excessively dry weather, trees can go into distress and lose their leaves. Organic debris can then fall into open gutters and become caked to the metal. As a homeowner, you can expect the debris to be extremely difficult to remove. The extreme heat and lack of moistures, dries material, quickly imbedding it into the gutter. When rain does occur the blocked gutters will cause water to leak over the sides of the house and perhaps through the roof.

When the gutters and downspouts do not function as intended, the foundation of the house might even be damaged. Water can ruin drywall, wooden beams, insulation and glass windows. Damage could potentially run into the thousands of dollars. Caked organic debris within the gutter is usually hard for amateurs to remove. In nearly all cases, professional contractors will have to use specialized equipment to completely clean the gutter system.

Finding a Viable Solution

LeafGuard’s covered gutter system offers a way to avoid debris accumulation. In fact, the system uses one-piece hoods that are built into the gutter itself. During violent storms, rain will flow down over the curved hood and into the gutter trench. Leaves, twigs and dirt will be deflected away from the gutter and will fall harmlessly to the ground. The clog-free design will keep your gutters free of debris and will prevent you from having to clean them by hand with a long ladder. The LeafGuard system is rigorously crafted and is ultimately designed to hold up for years. While the Texas drought is likely to continue, you can ward off gutter issues so that your home’s foundation remains in immaculate shape. For gutter contractors Austin, gutter contractors Dallas, gutter contractors Houston, or gutter contractors San Antonio contact LeafGuard Gutters today!

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