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Five Fun Landscaping Ideas

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Enhance your home’s curb appeal with a family landscaping project for the weekend. From colorful flower edging to stone pathways, you can update your yard while spending time as a family in the spring. With new LeafGuard gutters in Houston, Texas, you can prevent water damage and soil erosion from destroying your hard work.

5 Family-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for Spring

1. Plant a colorful flower bed.

Take out the rake, and start removing all the debris around your home’s perimeter. Add mulch, and plant your favorite flowers in rows and groups. Yellow buttercups and multicolored pansies make ideal flower choices for spring.

2. Install brick tree borders.

Install a brick tree border to create interest in your yard. Take each brick, and form a circle around the tree. Fill the interior circle with mulch, and plant flowers for even more springtime color.

3. Create an attractive stone pathway.

Welcome guests to your home with a flagstone pathway. Measure a 3-foot-wide path from the driveway to your front door. Arrange the flagstone along the path, and have your children sprinkle flour over the stones. The flour leaves a perfect outline on the ground once you remove the stone. Dig out a few inches of sod within the outlines, and pour a layer of sand into the cutouts. Set the stones back into place, and level them as you go.

4. Plant clematis vines.

Plant blue, white or red clematis vines in the spring when the weather is still cool. You can plant this vine in flower pots next to your home or along fencing and gates. If you plant them next to your home, consider installing seamless rain gutters in Houston to help prevent water from overflowing and ruining your newly planted vines.

5. Install a birdbath.

Attract birds to your yard with a stone birdbath, and plant flowers around it for even more appeal. A babbling garden fountain also attracts birds and creates a peaceful outdoor space for your family.

From planting flower beds to installing new seamless rain gutters in Houston, you can create a beautiful focal point around your home and protect it from water runoff. New LeafGuard gutters in Houston, Texas not only protect your home and property but also accentuate your new landscape additions.

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