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Get Gutters Ready for Early Spring Blooms

Cherry blossoms

While the recent snowstorms may have you fooled, spring weather really is just around the corner. This means that spring foliage is also about to make it’s return. Before the blossoms and leafs arrive in full force, make sure that your gutters are fully functioning and protected.

Here is a list of early bloomers to watch for:

Dogwood trees: These beautiful trees are year-round favorites. In spring, dogwoods burst forth with small bunches of white, pink, or yellow flowers, signifying that winter is over. It is native in the eastern parts of the United States, but it can now be found in most parts of the country, excluding the most northern regions.

Sassafras trees: Sassafras trees are known for their summer leafs extremely fragrant and citrusy smell. In the early spring, however, they have small yellow flowers, with male and female flowers blooming on separate trees. They are native to eastern North America, from southern Canada down to Florida, and as far West as Iowa and Texas.

Redbud trees: The gorgeous redbuds are native to warm, temperate areas such as southern United States. There striking flowers are one of the earlier spring blooms, and range in color from lavender shades to bright magenta.

Amelanchier trees: Members of the rose family, Amelancher trees, also called serviceberry trees or shadbushes, are native to the northeastern United States. They typically produce white flowers that bloom when the leaves are just beginning to bud and dark berries in the summer.

Cherry trees: Cherry trees are perhaps the most highly recognizable ornamental flowering trees. Closely related to orchard cherry trees, which are grown for their fruit, these varieties are primarily grown for their beautiful spring flowers. After a long winter, these trees create a profusion of fluffy pink blossoms. The Washington D.C. metropolitan area has famously beautiful cherry trees. But they can be particularly hard on gutter systems. For gutters Bethesda, gutters Potomac, gutters Rockville, gutters Silver Spring, gutters Fairfax, gutters Falls Church, or gutters McLain contact Leafguard.

While all of these blooms are lovely to look at and should be welcomed and enjoyed, they can reek havoc on gutters. Most of these flowers last only a few weeks between March and April before falling off and blanketing ground. If you’re not careful they can cause serious gutter clogs.

When you start to see these lovely signs of spring around your neighborhood, it means it is high time to fortify your gutters. If you want to enjoy these spring blooms without the hassle of cleaning your gutters, consider our seamless, clog free gutters. Leafguard gutters are the best way to prevent leaf and debris clogs, letting you appreciate spring in peace.


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