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Good Gutters Can Help Prevent Pests and Headaches

Your gutters are there to divert rain and other precipitation from your home. However, if your gutters are left open and exposed, they will eventually get clogged with debris. While people often know about the potential structural problems associated with clogged gutters, many are unaware of the risk of pest infestation. Uncovered gutters can be very inviting to unwanted animals and insects. Learn about the dangers that gutter infestations pose and how you can prevent them with good gutters.

Uncovered gutters offer pests the perfect environment for feeding, nesting, and mating. Debris cover provides the shelter, warmth, and camouflage that animals look for in a habitat. A wide array of creatures can be attracted to clogged gutters. Here are some of the most common gutter invaders:

Squirrel on gutter

Squirrels: A lot of us are familiar with the sounds of squirrels running across the roof top or even the attic floor, but these bushy tailed critters are also frequent rain gutter lodgers. Squirrels can find all the sticks, twigs, and leafs they need to build their nests amongst gutter debris. They will often set up residence right there, especially if there are no desirable trees nearby.

Rat on rain gutter

Mice and rats: When the weather gets colder mice and rats look for warm places. While these rodents do not technically hibernate, they do seek shelter to store food and hunker down. A Gutter clogged with debris offers warm cover that protects mice and rats from the elements.

Spiders on rain gutter

Spiders: Thanks to the classic nursery rhyme “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” we all know that spiders like to “[go] up the water spout.” But if your gutters are severely clogged the rain may not be able to “wash the spiders out” as the song suggests. Spiders are drawn to the dark, moist conditions of uncovered gutters. They are also attracted to the food source that other gutter dwelling insects provide. In addition to non-venomous arachnids like wolf spiders, uncovered gutters can play host to dangerous species like brown recluses and black widows.

Ants on rain gutter

Ants: The leaves, twigs, and dirt that can collect in uncovered gutters create an ideal location for an ant colony. Open gutters allow common ants such as the odorous ant and pavement ant species to live outside but forage for food inside. They also appeal to carpenter ants who are drawn to the rotting wood overflowing gutters can cause.

Having pests in your gutters is a big problem. Uncovered gutters serve as an easy pathway for pests to enter and exit the eaves of your home. Aside from being a nasty nuisance, pests can carry harmful diseases and leave bacteria wherever they go. They can also cause damage to your overall gutter system, electrical wiring, and home’s foundation.

One of the biggest issues with pests invading your home through clogged gutters is that it is so discreet. It is likely that you won’t notice the detrimental impact these pests are having on your home or your well-being until the damage is done. That’s why the best solution to a gutter pest infestation is prevention. Why leave your gutters exposed to outside elements when you can have gutters with leaf guards installed? Leaf guards are your best option if you’re looking to circumvent your gutter-cleaning chores and expenses and ensure protection from pests. LeafGuard’s clog-free gutters offer you staunch protection against the buildup of leaves, dirt and pests. Additionally, they’ll go a long way toward improving the health and the look of your home’s exterior.

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