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Prepare For an Unusually Harsh Winter with Gutter Guards

Icy gutters

Many of us have experienced relief from extreme cold with relatively mild winters the last few years. That is about to change for residents in parts of the U.S. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the Northeast and Great Lakes areas face bitterly cold temperatures and snow-filled days for the 2013-2014 winter season. Unfortunately for homeowners, continuous snow and ice causes problems for roofs and gutters. Installing preventative gutter guards in Boston ensures less ice damming and icicle buildup. Even farther south in Maryland, installing gutter guards in Baltimore will help keep gutters free of thick ice and debris.

Ice dams occur when heat from the attic melts the snow on the roof; however, it does not melt the snow and ice on the overhangs. As the meltwater flows toward the gutters, it refreezes and causes damming. As the dam grows larger, it leads to icicle formation and leaks in the roofing. Installing gutter guards in Chicago and gutter guards in Cleveland also helps to prevent ice damming from harsh winter conditions in the Midwest.

Installing gutter guards on homes can help prevent shingle replacement or costly roof repairs in the spring. In addition, they help to keep leaves, pine needles and cones out of the gutters once the winter months fade into the past. Combine heating cables with gutter guards in Baltimore for clear, ice-free gutters in the winter.

Install and prevent costly repairs from ice dams in winter. Gutter guards can freeze in the winter because of low temperatures, but they minimize the impact from snow, ice and debris. The guards keep out autumn leaves that clog the gutters, allowing meltwater to flow easily in the winter. Use gutter guards and covered gutters to protect your home from winter damage with a LeafGuard gutter system.

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