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Gutter Protection in America’s Coldest Cities

Cleveland winter

According to the National Weather Channel, Cleveland is one of the coldest major cities in America. In a list released last week, the city was ranked the 14th coldest in the country. Cleveland‘s southern suburb, Akron also made the list, being dubbed even colder in the 13th position. The average winter temperate for these cities is 30.3 degrees and 28.5 degrees respectively. Brrr!

This probably comes as no surprise to residents, as people in these northern Ohio towns are incredibly familiar with frigid temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Clevelanders are generally well prepared for winter and anything it throws their way. From ice, to snow, to polar vortexes, their homes and cars are ready. However, one aspect of winter preparation that even the most seasoned cold climate veterans overlook is gutter readiness.

Cold weather can be extremely hazardous to gutters’ soffit and fascia systems, especially if the gutters are left untended before the winter hits. Ignored gutters will collect all sorts of debris. Water will get trapped in such clogged gutters and freeze. Ice weighs a metaphorical ton and can tear gutters and their accompanying structures off a house in catastrophic fashion.

Gutter installers in Cleveland recommend covered gutters as a first line of defense against ever-accumulating gunk and severe winter issues. Covered gutters use small screens that prevent solid matter from passing through but allow the flow of water. This advanced gutter protection means that homeowners don’t have to climb 15-foot ladders to clean out or repair their gutters.

Among gutter protection systems in Cleveland, LeafGuard is the premium choice because of its unique, one-piece construction. 2014 marks the 11th year of LeafGuard’s innovative design. People have enjoyed proper protection from debris, leaks, and the destructive failure of clogged, ice-filled gutters ever since we started in 2003.

In the biting cold of the Cleveland winter, it’s essential to have the best gutters installed. Going with second-rate equipment only invites disaster. Even with conscientious maintenance, low grade gutters will be prone to leaks. Additionally, they usually don’t come with protective leaf guards; therefore, they’ll require add-on pieces to do the job.  Avoid all the hassle; go with LeafGuard for gutters in Cleveland and gutters in Akron.

For more information on winter weather and gutter protection click here.

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