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Gutters at the Oscars

The 86th Academy Awards are going to feature something a little different. No it’s not a heinous dress or a ridiculously young date Oscar statue(although there will probably be plenty of those too). The unexpected accessory on this year’s red carpet is going to be rain gutters… that’s right, rain gutters!

Los Angeles is predicted to get heavy rain throughout the weekend. This means instead of being blessed with Southern California’s typical blue skies and sunshine, Sunday’s Oscars will likely be uncharacteristically wet. But while Hollywood can’t control the weather, they can control the scenery.

To keep the stars of the silver screen from being washed away, Joe Lewis, associate producer of the red carpet pre show, and his team have constructed special, new rain gutters. These gutters will be attached to the plastic tenting lining the walkway up to the Dolby Theatre to ensure quick and efficient roof drainage. The hope is that this last minute gutter installation will keep the red carpet safe and dry during the storm.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences spokeswoman, Teni Melidonian, seems confident that everything will go off without a hitch. In an interview with the Associated Press she said, “We’re prepared to welcome our guests regardless of the weather.” Proof that modern engineering and good gutters can really save the day!

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