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Downspout System Does Wonders for Rain Gutters in Kansas City KS

Unique Downspout Design Performs Better than Competitors

LeafGuard’s simple modification to the standard downspout design has completely transformed the rain gutter’s efficiency. The oversized downspouts allow more rain water to enter and exit the pipe, clearing any blockages in its path. LeafGuard stays 100% clog-free no matter the storm frequency of the area. Standard aluminum or steel gutters simply don’t compare.

LeafGuard’s downspouts are:

  • 30% thicker—This makes our system sturdier and more durable than standard gutter systems.
  • Less noisy—LeafGuard mutes the sounds of a heavy storm.
  • Fully customizable—Not only is LeafGuard practical, it can also be decorational, increasing the value and appearance of your home.
  • Rust-free—Unlike steel gutters, LeafGuard simply doesn’t rust, keeping your gutters looking great.
Downspouts from LeafGuard

LeafGuard’s oversized downspouts provide unique advantages in Kansas City KS over standard gutter systems.

For the best, 100% clog-free gutter system made with patented technology from LeafGuard, call or contact us and request a free, in-home estimate online.