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Oversized Downspouts Provide Superior Benefits

Gutters are not just window-dressing for your home. These are the key components in your home’s water control system that prevents rainwater from damaging your foundation by pummeling the ground immediately below the roof line. A good gutter system channels water around your roof to the downspouts, where it flows down away from the side of your home. The durability of the gutters, their likelihood to clog and the size of the downspout all determine the quality of the gutter system. Our LeafGuard system has long-lasting, clog-free gutters that use extra-large downspouts, compared to others in the industry.

Why does the size of the downspout matter? Think about a funnel, and imagine that you are trying to pour a gallon of water down a funnel with a bottom opening the size of a drinking straw. If you pour the water fast enough, it backs up and overflows from the top of the funnel. This is like standard-sized downspouts in a heavy rainstorm when a lot of water is trying to flow down the gutter in a short period of time. The pressure of so much water trying to flow down such a narrow opening also puts stress on the sides of the downspout, and those made to the standard metal thickness may fail.

Now imagine that the opening at the bottom of the funnel is twice as large. Now the water flows down the funnel quickly, even if you pour it as fast as you did before. This is the difference that oversized downspouts make on your home. Because water flows faster through them, it is less likely that the water will back up into your gutters, even in a heavy rain. Our downspouts are made of metal that is 30 percent thicker compared to typical models, so even in the worst of rains, the downspout can withstand the water pressure without failure.

Extra-large downspouts are just one part of our seamless gutter protection system. If you are interested in upgrading your gutters and downspouts to a more effective water channeling system, or if you just need more information, give us a call today at LeafGuard at 1-888-4-CLOGFREE.

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