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Protect Gutters from Pine Needles in the Northwest

pine needles

The Pacific Northwest is known for the canopy of majestic pine trees covering the area. While fragrant and beautiful to look at, their needles clog gutters and cause a mess during every season. Some gutter guards in Vancouver deter leaf buildup; however, pine needles cause a different kind of problem for homeowners.

Long and flexible, pine needles penetrate common gutter screens and make cleanup a real hassle. With consistent rainfall in the Northwest, most gutter guards in Seattle do not catch individual pine needles or prevent clogs. Gutter guards in Portland have the same problem.

Clogs from pine needles cause rainwater to spill over the gutters and collect on the ground, which leads to soil erosion, basement flooding and shrub damage. Clogged gutters also make an ideal breeding ground for insects, mold and bacteria. Using LeafGuard gutter guards in Vancouver prevents damage from clogged gutters and ensures easier maintenance.

If you have traditional gutter guards in Seattle and other parts of the Northwest, consider a LeafGuard gutter system. It protects against debris buildup, spillovers, leaks and weed growth in your gutters. Traditional gutter guards in Portland do not have clog-prevention capabilities, so consider a gutter system that prevents clogs and reduces your cleanup.

Beldon Leaf Guard proudly serves the Portland and Seattle areas with reliable, 100% clog free gutter systems. Learn more about the Leaf Guard advantage.

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