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Spring Gutter Maintenance

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In the aftermath of winter, traditional gutters are apt to be filled with dirt, leaves, pine needles and other debris. That’s especially true if several large trees grow near your home. Of course, you may avoid these problems entirely by investing in LeafGuard’s seamless rain gutters in Seattle, Washington. Either way, it pays to engage in a little spring gutter maintenance to ensure they are working as optimally as possible. After all, they help to keep water away from the roof and house foundation, where it can cause serious, irreversible damage. Keeping gutters in good working order is crucial.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

If you have leaf-proof gutters in Seattle, you can skip the vast majority of the maintenance that’s typically required for traditional gutters. Until you’re ready to upgrade, here are a few tips that will whip your gutters into shape in time for spring:

  • Use a safe, sturdy ladder. Better still, use one with a built-in shelf so you have a handy place to put your bucket and other tools.
  • Check how sturdy the gutters are. Over the winter, the straps may have become loose. If so, you will need to secure them again, or you run the risk of your gutters detaching altogether.
  • Scoop out the majority of the debris with a gutter scoop, which is available at home improvement stores.
  • Next, use a hose with a spray attachment to spray the lingering debris from the gutter. Repeat the process with downspouts too.
  • Finally, check spout extensions and reconnect any that have fallen away during the winter.

By the time you get around all the gutters, you’ll wish you never had to do that chore again. By upgrading to LeafGuard seamless rain gutters in Seattle, Washington, your wish might just come true. Our covered gutters are designed to keep out leaves and other debris. At the very most, you’ll have to periodically check to ensure they are still securely attached. With leaf-proof gutters in Seattle, your days of scooping out gutters will be over. LeafGuard gutters are guaranteed not to clog! Contact LeafGuard by Beldon today to request a free, in-home estimate.


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