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Squirrel Appreciation Day

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If you haven’t heard, January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day. Though you may not appreciate squirrels invading your attic or wrecking your roof gutters in San Antonio, these furry creatures pose little threat to people and pets in neighborhoods across the country. This Squirrel Appreciation Day, learn how to keep these cute rodents out of your residential gutters in Fredericksburg by giving them a place to live and play in your yard.

Tips for Protecting Your Gutters from Squirrels

Squirrels enjoy hopping along roofs and dropping acorns and other debris into everyone’s rain gutters in Vancouver, British Columbia. Because the debris has nowhere to go, it can create stubborn clogs and leads to water damage. However, you can certify your property as a squirrel-friendly wildlife habitat by giving the squirrels another place to live. Consider joining a local Trees for Wildlife program, or grow a garden specifically for the squirrels in your yard.

You can also set up squirrel houses in your backyard trees and place squirrel feeders farther out in the yard. With LeafGuard roof gutters in San Antonio, you keep squirrels out for good and prevent debris clogs. Installing LeafGuard protective rain gutters in Vancouver, British Columbia also keeps any debris from entering the gutters as the squirrels climb and jump in the trees above your home.

Have a Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day

Squirrels share our neighborhoods and perform great acrobatic shows as they hop from limb to limb. With LeafGuard residential gutters in Fredericksburg and dedicated wildlife spots on your property, you can keep squirrels out of your gutters and give them a better place to live and play.

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