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Water Damage: 3 Signs You Might Have it

Water damaged flooring

Water damage can be identified by discoloration or a peeling of paint from the surface.

Where water enters your home, damage, mold and health problems may follow.

If you notice a leak or that water is entering your house, don’t worry; discovery is the first step to fixing a potentially expensive problem. Below are three ways to find out if you have water damage in your house.

  1. Look for discoloration or peeling paint – If you have discoloration or peeling of any painted surfaces, you may have a water leak. Discoloration of painted surfaces, carpeted or hard wooded surfaces is usually a sign of sun or water damage. If the discoloration or peeling exists in an area where sun is not common, you most likely have some type of water leak or damage.
  2. Look for reoccurring drips and puddles – Drips and puddles may occur after a spill, but if you keep noticing them, there is most likely a point of entry. Check to see if the puddle is near a door or window to see if it is entering from outside.
  3. Look for dark mold – Water buildup and leaks are known to cause black mold that is harmful to your health. Black mold can cause allergy symptoms as well as nerve damage if overexposed. Mold forms in dark, damp areas which can that can be a perfect home for growth.

If you have any of these signs of water damage, it’s time for you to call the experts. Contact LeafGuard systems so you can start living dry today.

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