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What Color Should Your House Be?

Different colored houses

If you have finished your spring cleaning and are looking to do something else to enhance your home, how about giving it a face lift with a new paint job? There is something to be said about choosing a new color and giving your home an exterior makeover. Color not only helps show your personality and brighten up your house, but can also help increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value.

When deciding what color to paint your house, make sure to take into consideration the colors of other houses in your neighborhood. Many believe that your house should fit the general theme of the neighborhood but not be identical to other homes. The color chosen should also compliment the landscape, including nearby trees and other natural features.

1. Blendable Beige
Beige: is a conservative color that blends in well with most landscapes. This is a great color for modern home but does not work particularly well with older styles such as Victorian homes.

2. Soothing Blue
Blue is a tranquil color that tends to evoke a feeling of calm and peace. It is even said that this soothing effect can increases productivity, optimism and empathy.

3. Natural Green
Green symbolizes nature. It is a great color selection for houses that are surrounded by plant life or for owners who wish their home was. Choose a light shade for best results.

4. Rustic Red
Red houses are definitely eye catching. This intense color evokes images of the countryside and is great for home owners who are going for a rustic look.

5. Cheery Yellow
Yellow homes also grab attention. Pastel shades of yellow are becoming a very popular color choice for home exteriors. They add a pop of color without being over powering and help create a feeling of friendliness and cheeriness.

6. Fresh White
White homes tend to appear larger than they actually are, making white a good choice for houses that have minimal square footage. White homes are also clean and fresh looking (however, they do tend to get dirty more easily as well). They also soak up light, which is great if your home is shaded.

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